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Historically the A&D industry has been risk averse and spends very little on research and development (as measured by percentage of sales to R&D). This has led to the rise of new rapidly expanding rivals (ex. SpaceX) that can innovate much more quickly. In addition, legacy A&D companies must now compete against rapidly growing competitors from developing economies (ex. China) that are expanding their defense capabilities and industries. This is causing a shift in industry initiatives to making better decisions on capital expenditures and R&D spending and increasing agility by increasing support for new technologies, partnerships and data analytics allowing for more innovation, reducing costs and faster time to market.


Your challenges :

  • Research and development costs and cycles (Operating margins and profitability)
  • Standardization and optimization of processes and tools
  • Materials development, testing, and qualification
  • Manufacturing optimization and new technique testing and certification (ex. additive)
  • Management of MOC (Maintaining Operational Conditioning), ILS (Integrated Logistics Support), MCS, and software obsolescence
  • Environmental and regulatory compliance and reporting (ex. IPC 1752 & 1754)
  • Supply chain and logistics (ex. ASD 2000M & S3000L)
  • Enabling the digital thread and digital twin
  • Big data collection and analytics

Our solutions


Answer to different environmental regulations, to reduce and manage the chemical risk better, its MSDS and to create environmental reporting.


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Ensures the management of data from laboratories. (traceability of test data, management of test requests, automatic creation of test reports, evaluation of test results).

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failures and
supplier quality.

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Structure, centralize, capitalize and valorise material data. Searching
and selection of materials. Correlates and makes statistics.


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all the maintenance activities, namely:
support, integrated logistic support,
maintenance in Operational Condition.


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Regularly improve its financial results, meet financial objectives and product development challenges.

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The solution concerns about 3000 users in our design professions, with the challenge of bringing together different professions from different regional cultures.


TEEXMA® responded to the main functions of the specification; namely a data structure, a workflow module, a search function, extraction, and automatic document drafting.


We access product-related data through search tools (including text search), we regularly perform site assessments and impact analyzes, as well as file exports.


Technical Data Management Software

Technical Data Management Software to Manage Technical and Scientific Data

Technical Expertise Management Publisher and Integrator of TEEXMA, The Software to Manage your Technical and Scientific Data