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BASSETTI acquires ERELIA for industrial weighing control

The Bassetti Group acquires ērēlia, to add real-time weighing and control for the industrial world.


Grenoble, France – May 5 th , 2021 – The Bassetti Group has acquired ērēlia, an innovative company specializing in software for industrial weighing and formulation. Following the recent acquisition of 3DTRUST (a full production/MES Additive Manufacturing software), Bassetti expands its capabilities in machine interfacing for real- time monitoring, quality and statistical process control (SPC), digital continuity, traceability, and data security in increasingly regulated industries.

For over 30 years, ērēlia has been a world leader in developing software solutions for the field of industrial weighing and measure. Its solutions are compatible with scales and equipment from many manufacturers that are used for the control of weighing prepackaged goods and ensuring precise recipes or formulations. The company also assembles electronic components to provide terminals and accessories for dedicated weighing stations to customers. ērēlia currently supports customers in the food processing, cosmetics, chemistry, and pharmaceutical industries.

With this merger, Bassetti aims to leverage strong synergies to better support international customer’s needs across industries and geographies by:

  • Incorporating the solutions developed by ērēlia as integrated modules to the TEEXMA® for LIMS solution, increasing its abilities to interface with equipment and manage formulations and recipes,
  • Expanding Bassetti’s solution delivery and customer footprint in the Food, Pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences, Chemicals and Cosmetics industries, and
  • Accelerating the development and delivery of new capabilities to continue supporting customer’s evolving needs, including to enable more innovation, leverage data, and to better compete in global markets.

About Bassetti Group: Founded almost 30 years ago, Bassetti has been at the forefront of developing solutions for technical applications with its flagship product TEEXMA®. Providing “one technology, multiple solutions”, TEEXMA®, is a fully modular and scalable technology that provides solutions that work together seamlessly in order to minimize costs, maximize ROI, and ensure full traceabilty. Currently Bassetti’s multiple solutions address the various needs of customers in the areas of technical expertise management, risk management, knowledge management, and personnel management. Bassetti is the trusted partner of many world-class companies, with almost 500 customers and 150,000 users across various industries including Automotive, Aerospace, Consumer Products, Energy, Government, Heavy Industry, Life Sciences, and Materials.