Creating a Digital Thread Framework with TEEXMA

In the past, companies implemented new tools and technologies to address very specific problems. These point solutions could be effective, but it was always a challenge to integrate the various tools, data types, protocols, and workflows. With the advent of the Digital Thread/Digital Twin, the need for, and complexity of, integrating all of these tools has expanded exponentially.

The concept of the digital thread was first introduced by the aerospace and defense (A&D) industry in their desire to improve the performance of future programs by using digital technology to capture and apply lessons learned. However, these concepts and technologies have gained interest beyond A&D and are converging with the digital manufacturing and cyber-physical system goals of Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing as companies constantly strive to survive and compete in the global market.

And while the Digital Twin refers to a digital representation of a physical asset, including the processes, people, places, systems, and tools used in its creation, the Digital Thread refers to the communication framework that allows a connected data flow and integrated view of the asset’s data throughout its lifecycle across traditionally siloed functional perspectives. The Digital Thread increases the need for delivering “the right information to the right place at the right time.”

TEEXMA is a collaborative technical expertise, risk, and knowledge management solution that is designed to support an organization’s Digital Thread by creating a framework that supports the full definition of your product (or Digital Twin) across its lifecycle by allowing a consistent flow of data, management of protocols, and adherence to standards (ex. ISO), while analyzing potential risks, capturing generated knowledge, and providing full traceability.

By collecting, managing, and sharing critical product data, experiences, and knowledge, companies can create best practices that allow them to improve product quality, increase innovation, work more efficiently, and reduce costs. Find out more by contacting Bassetti Americas.

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