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Information management is a major challenge in today’s industrial environment where data sources and volumes are multiplying and diversifying. In this highly scalable environment, user needs are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and the uniformity of the IT landscape is increasingly complex to guarantee. Thus, it is now more and more frequent to see IT solutions multiplying, making the durability of the information system complex to maintain.

Aware of these constraints, BASSETTI builds its software around two main axes, scalability and sharing.

Indeed, TEEXMA® is an easily configurable tool that makes it possible to address in the same application many problems encountered in technical trades which are often difficult to integrate into standard tools such as ERP or PLM. Thus, TEEXMA® is positioned in areas such as materials data management, laboratories, maintenance or environmental services where the solutions generally encountered (network trees, office automation solutions, local specific developments, etc.) do not meet standard security constraints.

Concerning sharing, BASSETTI’s R&D this time focuses on TEEXMA®‘s ability to interface with tools already deployed by its customers (ERP, PLM, MES, etc.) and to capitalize on information from multiple sources ranging from office automation supports to equipment that can be present in a laboratory.

In order to adapt to the specific environments of each customer, the project methodologies and the TEEXMA® offer are modular and iterative, allowing the application deployment to be adapted according to variable strategies, both short-term and long-term. Finally, all or part of the administration of TEEXMA® can be transferred to the customer’s premises, which makes it possible to respond to the frequent problems of information system management.



The QHSE services must control aspects related to occupational risks.

They are responsible for ensuring employee safety, compliance with standards and must anticipate chemicals destined to become obsolete in order to maintain production and promote innovation through the use of alternative substances in accordance with current environmental regulations.

This requires a very important monitoring work, a strong relationship with its suppliers, and the possibility to look for innovative substitutes in accordance with the notion of eco-design.

BASSETTI Data Provider is in charge of monitoring and updating, allowing people in QHSE services to focus on time spent analyzing sent data and innovation.

Product lines :

  • Material declarations
  • safety data sheets
  • substance watch.
  • Purchase

New regulations such as “Conflict Minerals” and “ITAR” now require companies to have and offer significant visibility throughout their supply chain. This information and the resulting strategic choices are made through the purchasing department in order to minimize the impact of local regulations on the market.

Constant evolutions and innovations force companies to constantly modify their product range to best meet demand. The technical services must follow these developments in order to offer designers components that are available and meet their criteria.

Each company contains knowledge, some of which is recorded in documents of all kinds (digitised or not, dispersed or not). All too often, this knowledge is little or not capitalized. Knowledge Management (KM) will be responsible for transcribing, capitalizing and transmitting knowledge within the company. In addition to equipping itself with high-performance tools for the capitalization of knowledge, the challenge of the KM will be to enhance their value.

TEEXMA® makes it possible to face these challenges that are the responsibility of the KMs, by making it possible to capitalize on and enhance the knowledge of expertise. The information will therefore be tracked, and can be reused as in the case of an expert’s departure, for example.



BASSETTI noted that the research and development departments did not have IT tools adapted to their business problems.

This is why TEEXMA® was developed. A fully scalable and configurable software that can fully meet the specific needs of research and development.

Indeed, these services, whose knowledge is by nature evolving, require a specific approach. It is necessary to stimulate innovation while promoting the capitalization of scientific and technological knowledge as it flows through the company. In other words, it is necessary to structure the company’s repository in order to allow for the subsequent reuse of knowledge, without restricting the creativity of engineers.



Laboratory data is very often dispersed in computer files (Access, Excel, word, etc.) and therefore not secure. They are too often stored locally so knowledge is not capitalized. Laboratories must be able to find the information easily, the tests already carried out and to be able to gather all this data in a single tool.

The LIMS on the market are often too rigid and more adapted to the pharmaceutical sector.

TEEXMA® ensures the traceability and reliability of test results and therefore their optimal use.



A design office works on the creation of new products and the improvement of manufacturing processes.

Its missions are multiple:

  • Assign work according to expertise and workload
  • Manage the project while ensuring its profitability (responding to calls for tenders, negotiating prices with suppliers, meeting deadlines and quality)
  • Conduct regular commercial follow-up
  • To carry out its missions successfully, several criteria must be taken into account, such as costs, quality, deadlines and standards in force.

TEEXMA® offers solutions that enable ECGs to meet their needs. For example, it is quite possible to produce design guides, follow plans, plan, and manage projects.



Maintenance services manage the operational maintenance of the company’s tools and infrastructures. They are at the heart of improving industrial processes by ensuring the availability, performance and safety of equipment, without forgetting quality, environmental and cost considerations.

TEEXMA® enables the integration, management and exploitation of all data related to maintenance processes from design, commissioning, and operational support until the end of the life cycle of an asset within a fleet. Data relating to equipment and tools, breakdowns and incidents, interventions and spare parts are gathered in a single tool. This allows maximum efficiency in diagnosis, activity management and capitalization of maintenance knowledge.



The quality approach within a company is an important issue. It makes it possible to demonstrate that at all levels of your organization, the actors involved follow formalized and clear tasks, and that control systems guarantee an ever better proposal of products, services or services to customers.

The Quality department has specific features due to its cross-functionality within the company. Its missions are multiple: it may be to win or retain customers, control its activity, reduce its costs, meet economic requirements or manage its activities. In the service of the company’s quality and performance, the people in charge of this function must be able to identify, quickly and easily, failures, non-conformities or any other anomaly that could go against this quality objective.


TEEXMA®, in addition to laboratory and R&D services, fully meets the needs of transversal services such as quality services for example. Indeed, TEEXMA® Quality will make it possible to monitor the management of your non-conformities, the management of requirements, the validation of quality documents and its integration in the various business contexts (Knowledge Management, Materials, LIMS, Environment, etc.)

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