TEEXMA® for Environment

The modular and configurable solution to manage all your environmental activities


The modular and configurable solution to manage all your environmental activities

Your challenges :

  • Provide access to accurate, up-to-date environmental, health and safety documents
  • Demonstrate GHS and EHS compliance with global and regional regulations
  • Centralized information enables easy integration of records between purchasing, EHS and operations departments
  • Improve products management to reduce environmental impact, minimize risks and enhance health and safety
  • Manage risks based on products, workstations description and prioritize actions to do.
  • Define your environmental strategy and ensure your compliance with common standards such as ISO14001
  • Collect statements of substitution or outsourcing commitment from your supply chain

Our solutions

  • Manage R&D projects
  • Plan activities by ensuring visibility on progress and deadlines
  • Ensure that processes comply with regulatory standards (REACh, Seveso, etc.)
  • Managing obsolescence
  • Prevent risks


the modular and configurable solution to manage all your environmental activities

  • Manage SDS with unlimited document storage: creation, distribution, tracking and updates
  • Improve decision-making capabilities with complete impact analysis on BOM, processes and SupplyChain
  • Manage inventory and volume tracking to anticipate and control regulations
  • Generate automatic documents: CLP labels, single documents, workstation instructions and more
  • Manage supplier data and organize supplier campaigns with reminders and automatic treatments of supplier answers
  • Identify and map types of equipment of each facility which could be subject to local regulation or rule
  • Collect emissions and consumption data coming from each piece of equipment

Concretely in 10 minutes, we can extract an Excel file with all the products, quantities, associated suppliers of all the laboratories, whereas previously gathering all this information could take several weeks


The main strength is its intuitiveness, it is easy to use the software. Moreover, its ability to centralize a very large amount of information. We can have a global view of what is happening in society and have quick access to the data.


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