Join us for the LIMS Test Request Management and Scheduling Webinar!

Attend Bassetti’s LIMS Test Request Management and Scheduling webinar on August 13 at 11am EST to understand how we can:

  • Create standard test request workflows and forms
  • Integrate both internal and external customers and/or labs
  • Ensure a test request validation process
  • Implement dashboards to provide visibility to all projects and their statuses
  • Easily view and schedule assets (people and equipment) based on
    • Availability
    • Cost
    • Certifications
    • Priority
    • Customer
      • Manage the various documents, certifications, accreditations, maintenance schedules, etc. involved across the test lifecycle
      • Enable a powerful search engine to find information, and
      •  Provide reports and KPIs on various data (ex. # of test requests, # tests per lab, etc.)

Among the many benefits that companies experience when implementing our Test Request Management and Scheduling solution are:

1.     Full test request visibility across the organization

2.     Easy impact analysis for prioritizing tests

3.     Full traceability across the test lifecycle

4.     Asset and cost optimization

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