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June 10th Webinar Industry 4.0: Leveraging real-time AM data to optimize your production

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Bassetti’s acquisition of 3DTRUST allows companies to incorporate Industry 4.0 strategies onto the production floor.

June 10th

11:00 AM to 12:00 PM EST

In this webinar, we will explore:

Optimizing the quoting and order process

  • Improve RFQ responsiveness
  • Management of incoming orders
  • Creation and planning of production lines

Scheduling and monitoring builds

  • Ensuring builds to the correct machines
  • Scheduling flexibility for order placement
  • Monitoring build process and quality


  • Creation of a digital ID card for each printed part to ensure full traceability
  • Collection of sensor and SPC data from machines
  • Investigation of quality events

Powder Management

  • Managing material inventories with QR codes
  • Track material status (virgin, recycled, e.t.c)
  • Powder genealogy for each part that is produced
  • Ensure genealogy from material to part