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June 22th Webinar: Effectively Investigate Quality Nonconformities

June 22th

1 PM Eastern/10 AM Pacific (EST)

Webinar: Discover a Quality Management Systemfor Nonconforming Outputs

  • Quickly identify a potential quality issue/non-conformity: anywhere, at any time

  • Create action plans to implement corrective and/or preventive actions (CAPA) suited to the nature of an event

  • Declare and centralize┬ánon-conformities, customer claims, and improvement requests

  • Connect┬áto other information systems (ex. ERP, CRM, etc.) to facilitate data access and ensure continuity

  • Investigate and determine root causes using standard ( 8D, DMAIC, Ishikawa, etc) or home-grown problem-solving methodologies

  • Easily manage and associate documents and information

  • And more!