TEEXMA® for Knowledge Management

Collect and leverage your company’s technical, scientific, and human knowledge


The modular and configurable solution to manage all your knowledge management activities

Your challenges:

  • Collect, secure and share your company’s knowledge
  • Prevent the loss of knowledge via employee departure
  • Empowering employees in the right areas
  • Utilizing subject matter experts in high value-added activities
  • Making information available to all regardless of subject matter expert availability
  • Sharing lessons learned and validated expert knowledge
  • Ensuring the application of company rules, best practices and lessons learned

Our solutions

  • Methods of explanation and collection of knowledge by group or individual.
  • Structuring of knowledge around business concepts, rules, and initiatives
  • High-performance data research and exploitation functions.
  • Expert-led collaborative and Iterative approach to data gathering and structuring
  • An enterprise knowledge backbone allowing your company to validate, maintain, and reuse knowledge.
  • Change management enabled from the beginning.


the modular and configurable solution to manage all your knowledge management activities

  • Creating a dynamic expert facilitated community of practice.
  • Establish a balance between individually gathered knowledge interviews and collective knowledge building sessions.
  • Collecting knowledge and expertise is carried out directly by the KM repository
  • Generate a complete model on the defined perimeter, representing in detail what the project could be.
  • Quick adoption of the tool and its concepts

The jury has rewarded the global approach of knowledge management and the setup of a mutual knowledge capitalization platform to the entirety of the group.


We did not choose only a computer solution, but above all a team, skills and support. It was our discussions, our exchanges and the advice of BASSETTI that guided our choice. The software is needed, but the approach has been systemic.


We have been very satisfied with the skill of the BASSETTI team with whom we could make several iterations to reach at the best our objectives.


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