Easily schedule and manage test requests and laboratory activities to optimize results and support accreditation


The modular and configurable solution to manage all your laboratory activities

Your challenges:

  • Test request management–can be managed across the lifecycle
  • Test planning and scheduling, managing any events that may impact test execution
  • Capturing test results which can be easily entered either manually or directly imported by test machines
  • Generating detailed test reports with any and all necessary information needed
  • Supporting accreditations–ensure all testing programs are following global standards (ISO 17025), complete traceability
  • Equipment management, ensuring everything is in good, working condition and has been correctly calibrated
  • Capturing lessons learned to share in order to create and improve best practices

Our solutions

  • Dynamic forms
  • Manage all types of data and files
  • Alert system and notifications via e-mail or dashboard Integrated validation module
  • Configurable Workflow modules
  • TEEXMA® module dedicated to planning issues
  • Configurable and dynamic views of activities
  • Highlighting critical paths and overloads
  • Allocations of equipment and allocation of resources
  • Availability calculation “as soon as possible”
  • A configurable data entry form
  • Possible capitalization of all types of documents (videos, audios, office automation)
  • Standard connectors available with many test machines
  • Web application accessible from tablets/smartphones
  • Document extraction module can automatically generate reports to the desired format (Word, PDF, Excel …)
  • Capitalization of documents within an integrated electronic document management
  • Alert module and notifications (emails, dashboard) to broadcast the response


the modular and configurable solution to manage all your laboratory activities

  • Manage all the components of your laboratory in a single tool
  • Exploit & Promote your technical assets
  • Cross-disciplinary Data & Trend
  • Conduct statistical analysis
  • Generating Operational Indicators / KPI
  • Getting into regulatory compliance
  • Quickly adapt your IT tool to new needs

TEEXMA® has been chosen for its native functionalities in the materials domain and the possibility to adapt it to specific needs.


The team has been a proactive force and very reactive facing our needs. The atmosphere is very friendly and they know how to get in range of people according to their technical knowledge.


We now have a better visibility of our product’s life and development cycle as well. There are so many possibilities with this new system.


Technical Data Management Software

Technical Data Management Software to Manage Technical and Scientific Data

Technical Expertise Management Publisher and Integrator of TEEXMA®, The Software to Manage your Technical and Scientific Data