November, 17th Reducing Your Materials Development Costs

By 28 October 2020 December 2nd, 2020 No Comments
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The time spent on your material formulations impacts your development budget.

When you are developing your own materials (composites architectured materials, biosourced polymers, elastomers, paintings, Additive Manufacturing alloys, concrete, ect ), formulation of these materials and defining their properties (physicochemical, mechanical, thermal, electrical, etc.) is essential.

A materials development engineer should be able to reuse knowledge by using formulation information already carried out. By relying on the past data, materials companies realize significant time and budget savings.

A complex process, formulation is an essential step in product development.  Organizations need to know that their materials will meet all the parameters necessary to achieve their product quality goals.   During this webinar, we will try to answer an important R&D challenge: How can we reduce material development costs through better formulation management?

During the webinar we will show how to:

  • Quickly retrieve your formulas/mixtures
  • More easily access the overview of your development projects
  • Easily manage your inventory of raw materials
  • Structure your parameters to link with your formulations to avoid redoing tests
  • Establish relationships between projects, tests and associated results
  • Simplify the association of your formulas with the products, materials and compounds derived from them
  • Reduce time on the development of material formulations cycle
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