Reducing the Complexities of Running a Lab with TEEXMA LIMS

Running a laboratory is a complex job with many responsibilities and requirements. There are multiple interdependent processes, tools, equipment, personnel, documents, and data that all need to be managed so that experiments and tests can be executed, test results can be generated, captured, compared, and analyzed, key performance indicators (KPIs) can be tracked, and results can be delivered with extreme accuracy.

And although test data and results are the primary assets of a laboratory, the sheer volume of this information, along with the various formats, locations, and tools for storing it, creates huge problems for standardizing, managing, and sharing this critical information with those who need it. According to International Data Corporation (IDC), knowledge workers spend around 2.5 hours (or 30%) of each day searching for necessary information.  And, Interact Source has found that almost 20% of an employee’s time is wasted searching for information to do their job effectively. Yet they still often do not find it! The fully burdened cost of this lost time has been estimated to be between $23,000 – $36,000 per person, per year. For the average company, these lost costs can easily grow to $Millions/year!

Not finding the necessary data also impacts company costs as this means that re-testing must be done. Some companies have shared that prior to implementing a data management solution, only 30% – 50% of their data was ever used more than once. They had to repeat tests 50% – 70% of the time! This drives up test costs and, just as importantly, reduces new testing capacity significantly by tying up resources (equipment and personnel) that could be used on new projects.

In addition, it is critical that laboratories do many other things, including: adhere to testing best practices, track equipment calibration, manage employee qualifications, follow quality guidelines, keep safety data sheets current, manage and schedule assets, and ensure successful audits for accreditation (ex. ISO 17025).

The million-dollar question is: how can all of this be done, especially as people need to also do their day jobs? The answer is TEEXMA LIMS!

TEEXMA LIMS, helps companies by reducing wasted search time and re-testing, while significantly improving data quality, re-use, and sharing. This is done by gathering the various test data and documents, capturing expert knowledge and lessons learned, easily scheduling equipment and people, generating reports, providing full traceability, managing equipment calibration, tracking samples, managing testing consumables, and generating KPIs for lab optimization. All of this, and more, happens while workflows simultaneously execute and generate notifications and tasks, update dashboards that provide instant visibility on projects, and follow user profiles in order to allow access to the right people for any given task.

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