The software to manage your technical and scientific data


The first collaborative tool dedicated to the world of technical and scientific expertise.

Your challenges :

  • Transmitting and maintaining knowledge: overcoming the deterioration of knowledge
  • Improving the knowledge of experts: reusing the knowledge acquired
  • Sharing and opening up expertise: encouraging and stimulating innovation
  • Unify and secure the business repository: reuse with confidence the results obtained previously

Our solutions:

Secure knowledge
  • Be able to define specific access rights (reading or editing) according to the user or user groups
A single, centralized repository
  • Be able to fully trace, capitalize on, locate, and reuse your technical information
Great flexibility
  • TEEXMA® is a fully customizable tool that can be adapted to fit your business contexts
Scalable structure
  • Evolve TEEXMA® according to your needs, without being required to modify the source code.
  • With a few simple clicks, you can change your home structure, by adding deleting, or editing system characteristics.

Functional Modules

TEEXMA® System
  • Data Import and export system
  • Authentification and rights management
  • Multilingualism management
  • Data traceability
  • Search
  • Multi-criteria selection
  • Choice guide
  • Search by indexing
  • Text search
  • Process and planning
  • Multi-criteria selection
  • Choice guide
  • Search by indexing
  • Text search
  • Data enhancement
  • Data Import and export system
  • Authentification and rights management
  • Multilingualism management
  • Data traceability
  • Added Values


    Beyond its flexibility, TEEXMA® is also credited with a great scalable capacity to both expand its scope to new applications and/or meet new or changing requirements. It allows for the modification of the data structure.

    Having a customizable structure

    TEEXMA® is an extremely flexible tool which is able to meet very specific requirements with diverse applications. TEEXMA® can be customized (without programming) to meet the specific needs of customer projects in various contexts. Each customer application will be entirely personalized and specific.

    Safety and traceability

    The system has been designed to ensure a high level of security. Access to data is log in and password controlled, according to the access rights defined for each user or user group by the administrator. The system can be parametrized to keep track of different elements during the input or modification such as the origin of the data, experimental context, a degree of confidence, associated documents, contributor name, input entry date, etc.

    Interface capabilities with already existing tools
    (ERP, POAG, CMMS, PLM, etc.)

    Publishing and integration of TEEXMA® , a software designed to structure, capitalize and value data.

    Answering business problems it breaks up in several product lines namely:


    Ensures the management of data from laboratories. (traceability of test data, management of test requests, automatic creation of test reports, evaluation of test results).

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    Structures, centralizes, capitalize and valorise material data, searching
    and selection of materials. Correlates and makes statistics.

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    Allow to manage
    all the maintenance activities, namely:
    support, integrated logistic support,
    maintenance in Operational Condition.

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    Knowledge management in the world of industry,
    clarification and capitalization
    of good practices
    to be implemented.

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    Allow to answer to different environmental regulations,
    to reduce and manage the chemical risk better,
    its MSDS and to make
    environmental reporting.

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    failures and
    supplier quality.

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    Continuously improve the manufacturing processes of products: improvement of working methods, good organization of workstations, cost optimization.

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    Regularly improve its financial results, meet financial objectives and product development challenges.

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    TEEXMA® has been chosen for its native functionalities in the materials domain and the possibility to adapt it to specific needs


    Technical Data Management Software

    Technical Data Management Software to Manage Technical and Scientific Data

    Technical Expertise Management Publisher and Integrator of TEEXMA, The Software to Manage your Technical and Scientific Data