The Daily Short! 5/13

By May 13, 2020July 21st, 2020No Comments

Disparate data causes desperate people!

If one thing has been learned during this pandemic, it is that we all need to be able to easily access our work systems, tools and data if we are to continue to effectively do our jobs.

I have spoken to many people from many functional groups (Lab Technicians, Product Designers, Engineers, Team Leaders, etc.) who are desperate for better solutions as they struggle to find, share and create information or data while executing workflows. The issue of disparate and/or disconnected systems, databases, tools, and equipment has caused many companies or their employees to risk their health by necessitating on-site work time as they try to successfully execute their jobs. This not only causes anxiety amongst these workers, but also tension between companies and their employees, as there is so still so much fear and uncertainty about this pandemic and how it spreads. By implementing global solutions with web and/or cloud-based tools, digitizing and consolidating data, and incorporating collaboration or remote work execution strategies into your operational playbook, companies and their employees can work together more efficiently while staying healthy.

Eliminate the desperation by eliminating the “disparation”!