The Daily Short! 5/14

By May 14, 2020July 21st, 2020No Comments

A good digital strategy should allow you to automate, innovate, and communicate across the complete value chain. By focusing on your business, your products and services, and your customer experience, your value chain can participate no matter where they may be; at work, at home, in the field, at a plant, etc. However, a digital information security strategy also needs to be in place to avoid the loss of valuable IP.

Implementing a good digital strategy requires extensive planning. Breaking this into 6 main steps, your company will need to:

  1. Understand your business – what can you do today? What can/can’t you digitize based on employee, customer, supplier, and partner needs?
  2. Understand the digital landscape – what technologies are available and how can they help?
  3. Digitize your strategies – how/where can you re-engineer your business to create more benefits and opportunities?
  4. Pick the right strategic partners – companies that provide expertise, have a long-term perspective, and focus on what’s best for you, not them.
  5. Create and manage your priorities, and
  6. Proactively and continuously manage the change.

If you need help evaluating, creating, or implementing your digital strategy, feel free to contact us!