The Daily Short! 5/18

By May 18, 2020July 21st, 2020No Comments

Steel plays a huge role in almost everyone’s daily life as it is used across many industries (automotive/transportation, building and construction, consumer products, energy, off-highway, and consumer goods) and in our homes. Different uses require different performance, so to fill these needs steel has to be customized to its application. This is usually done by altering the chemical composition or the micro-structure which can effect huge changes in its properties. Two examples are the effect of sulfur on brittleness and carbon on strength.

No matter the application area, there is a need for very precise and quick analysis (in this case sulfur and carbon concentration using combustion) that will determine the exact material properties. This requires well maintained and calibrated testing equipment. Therefore, any test lab needs to have a maintenance and calibration program in place that can provide the following minimum capabilities:

  1. easy planning, scheduling, assigning, and tracking of events,
  2. management of equipment, tools and consumables,
  3. management of documentation (including SOPs),
  4. enacting and recording corrective and preventative actions, and
  5. reporting of activities/events.

Does your lab have an effective program and does it have the tools to support it? Contact us to see how we can help!