The Daily Short! 4/24

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Business After COVID – Will it ever be the same?

Over the last 5 weeks 26 million people have filed for unemployment. Projections don’t expect a recovery to pre-pandemic levels until 2022. Some of this delay is precautionary, some is due to career/job change, and some is due to people leaving the workforce.

The U.S. GDP is now projected to contract by an annualized rate of 12% in Q2 as business output readings in April hit a record low. This is much better than previous forecasts of a 40% decline.

However, these are projections. Rather than leave it to chance, what is your company doing to prepare and ensure that it can answer the following:

  • Is it prepared to quickly ramp up operations?
  • Does it have the right number of people with the right skill sets?
  • Are tools in place that will allow a smaller workforce to access information and be more productive?
  • Is it taking steps to reduce exposure to risk in other areas (compliance, supply chain, process, etc.)?

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