Towards a digitalization of technical knowledge!

By August 7, 2020September 29th, 2020No Comments

Digitalization is a major issue for companies, particularly in the industrial sector where some technical knowledge is not very formalised.

The ongoing digital transformation is strongly contributing to changing or accelerating the uses related to the management of technical knowledge. This digitalization then takes on its full meaning and even becomes a crucial element for the preservation of the company’s technical heritage.

In this respect, the digitalization of knowledge and leveraging within a single repository is a performance lever to strengthen collaboration. Laboratories are currently very much in demand in their experimental missions, and the conservation and enhancement of their knowledge have an almost unprecedented added value.

The Bassetti company believes that by providing one technology, multiple solutions with all of these common search capabilities, finding knowledge and technical expertise will be quick and easy. This helps companies increase productivity, improve the accuracy of search results, reduce rework, and continually improve its products and processes.

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