Why Your Additive Manufacturing Program Needs More Than a Simple Database

By 21 August 2019 No Comments

Global megatrends continue to force companies to rapidly increase the pace of their additive manufacturing (AKA 3D Printing) programs (investigation, adoption, production deployment). These megatrends come from both internal and external factors such as:


  • Simplify product design (multiple to single part)
  • Improve product performance
  • Utilize new materials (ex. for cost, weight, etc.)
  • Reduce manufacturing costs
  • Reduce transportation costs (build closer to the end market)


  • Desire for more customization/individualization
  • Demand for greener products
  • Technology convergence (ex. IoT)
  • Rapidly changing needs/requirements
  • Lower brand loyalty

However, starting an AM initiative requires extensive planning as it will consume large amounts of resources (people, equipment, money), involve many locations, and challenge current processes and thinking. In addition, your products then must meet the expectations of your customers in aesthetics, function, performance, and cost.

A successful AM program consists of 4 main phases: 1) Design & Analyze, 2) Build & Monitor, 3) Test & Validate, and 4) Deliver & Manage; that require the use of many tools supporting many use cases across multiple process lifecycles, with the goal of ensuring that the physical product performs as well as the digital twin. To complicate matters, all of these tools, the data or information they consume and create, the workflows they involve, and the people that participate all need to be stitched together to support the digital thread in order to drive maximum benefits, to ensure project success, and to allow for continual optimization.

Due to the complexities involved, it becomes obvious that a simple database cannot support an AM program’s needs. Therefore, as companies implement or expand their programs, they are looking to build strategic partnerships with solution providers who will bring expertise and value to their organizations, rather than a vast network of companies that provide single point solutions and don’t understand the big picture.

Bassetti can be your strategic AM partner with TEEXMA for Additive, the only complete AM solution!

TEEXMA for Additive allows companies to do such things as:

  • create and manage projects
  • collect, manage, and share project data and information,
  • execute workflows,
  • manage AM builds,
  • integrate with other departments and tools (ex. Simulation, Test Labs, Quality, Materials, etc.),
  • schedule assets and execute programs in testing and production,
  • investigate quality issues, non-conformities, and take CAPA,
  • ensure equipment calibration and maintenance,
  • capture knowledge and lessons learned,
  • secure all IP,
  • and more!

Contact us at: or +1.888.388.8997 to find out how we can help your company meet the challenges of implementing a successful additive manufacturing program.